Remove ad hits counter on front page

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  1. sribathi says:

    Hi Bro, How to remove the ad hits in Single Ad Page

    • Blaz says:

      To remove counters from Single Ad Page and from Main page you should do this from Settings.
      Go to Classipress->Settings->Listings. There you will find “Show Ad Views Counter” and turn it off.

      If you want to remove counters only from Single Ad Page then check this tutorial. I have added additional note how to do that.

      • Bobby says:

        Remove Category Ad count not from the settings ?
        I have removed the category ad count, under the classipress settings, so when you visit the home page you can NOT see the ad count, BUT once I click on the category, it shows the ad count again beside the category name. Please tell me how to remove it ? Thanks

        • Blaz says:

          Open file taxonomy-ad_cat.php and remove unnecessary code from the line

          <h1 class="single dotted"><?php _e( 'Listings for', APP_TD ); ?> <?php echo $term->name; ?> (<?php echo $wp_query->found_posts; ?>)</h1>
  2. Lin says:

    Hi Blaz,

    How to Hide Dashboard Views.


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