Featured Post Expiration

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  1. Andry says:

    When the countdown begins – since the publication of the ad or from the moment the sign “Featured” ad?

    • Blaz says:


      In version 1.0.0 the date from which counting starts is the date the ad was published.
      Version 2 will be available soon and this will be changed.

  2. Noorul idil Baharom says:

    Hi Blaz,

    Can you insert function to exclude some Featured Ads? maybe based on author or based on order ID in CP?

  3. Noorul idil says:

    Hi Blaz,
    I tried the 2.4.0 version and still showing wrong days left in status report. How do i fixed it?

  4. fanis orfanoudakis says:

    I bought your plugin yesterday but it does’t working at all….it is not recognise my featured ads…i saw your video and i did exactly the same thing but without results….the log tab and current status tab not showing anything and at the the top of the admin area the icons tha showing the current featured ads are zero.
    what should i do?

  5. fanis orfanoudakis says:

    Hello again,
    My log is empty…nothing show at log tab…

  6. fanis orfanoudakis says:

    Hi again,
    Do you have some advice how to solve my problem?

  7. fanis orfanoudakis says:

    hello again,
    i have clicked the Expire Button but nothing happened….How can i set cron job under plugin setting?

  8. fanis orfanoudakis says:

    can i give you access and have a look?please,i am almost done with the site and only this issue remains……

  9. Spex says:

    Are you still responding to these comments? if so, I have a question…

    I want to set the Featured Ads to be valid for 7 days, but I also want to communicate this to the users when they are creating their listing. I just need to add some text to the Featured Ad section of the Create Listing page. Can this be done via some CSS or PHP snippets in ClassiPress or is this a plugin functionality?

    Because as it stands now, I want to charge a 7-day feature ad, but I have no way of communicating this to the user when they are creating their ad


  10. Spex says:

    Thank you. I downloaded and installed version version 2.9 and I see the new options. But when I changed the label to a customized text, it repeated the new label twice and removed the checkbox.

    I have screenshots if you would like them. Just tell me where to send them

  11. Spex says:

    Hi, any news on my question of December 10 @ 3:08pm?

    • Blaz says:

      Hi, yes.
      New wersion has been published that should fix your problem.

      • Spex says:

        Hi, thanks for your reply. Just seeing it now.

        The new version still has the same issues. When I select the ‘Would you like to change default featured post text?’ and enter my own text, it simply adds it to the existing text. It doesn’t replace it.

        I can send you my URL or a screenshot. Just let me know how I can send it to you

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