Display custom field data icons when listing ads

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  1. Thembani Ngoma says:

    hi there, thanks for the free mods, i just started using classipress a few weeks ago and would like to know how to get classipress to be responsive and flat ui.

  2. sribathi says:

    Bro please advice or teach. here not understand in the following place. since there is no success result asking you. pleaseeeeeee..

    “Don’t forget to insert your own meta names for variable $allowed_fields.”

    • Blaz says:

      I have added some additional info to this post to explain how you do this.
      Please read the end of post and get back to me if it is still not clear enough.

  3. sribathi says:


    We’ll start with loop-ad-listing.php.

    Then open style.css and add this to the end of file:

    Then open file from includes folder called functions.php

    Parent theme or child theme?!……. Please Advice

    • Blaz says:

      Normally child themes don’t copy all functions of parent themes, so they have it’s own functions.php file. So in this case do this in original Classipress functions.php file and not in child version.

  4. Sribathi says:

    Thanks you so much Bro

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