Disable WordPress cron job

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  1. Bob says:

    An online cronjob service overview can be found at http://www.cronjobservices.com/

  2. Dan says:

    Thank you for this tip. I just installed WP Cron Control.. I also notice that CP dashboard under classipress/system info there is a section of a list of Cron Jobs that are running such as:
    and others……….

    1) Is this list the complete list of ALL cron jobs on my WordPress / classipress site? In other words, does this list Includ all the plugin, theme cron jobs, etc…on my wp site?

    2) When I activate WP Cron Control, It will override all the cron jobs including all plugin, and theme cron jobs?

    3) Will I have to set up each and every one of these cron jobs in Cpannel or Easycron?

    • Blaz says:


      1) Yes the list under Classipress>System info is a complete list of all cron jobs on your WP installation.
      2) Plugin WP Cron control will give you an option to start your ALL cron jobs manually with a secret key, so no one else can do that.
      3) You don’t have to setup multiple jobs, only one is enough.

      How this is done:
      When you install WP Cron Control you will be able to call cron job from outside script (EasyCron). You will do this with a secret key.
      Go to WP Cron Control settings page and there you will see a string that you have to call from EasyCron. Copy that string and go to EasyCron and there create one new job and give it this string. Select how often you want to run that cron.
      The EasyCron server will then call this string and ALL jour cron jobs in WP installation will be run at once.

      If you don’t disable cron job in WP, then WP will still run cron jobs based on timings and your EasyCron setup will just do some additional calls that will slow down your system.

      So with disabling WP cron job you take control when cron jobs will be run.

      Hope I helped.

  3. Dan says:

    Blaz, Thank you for your reply, I just set it up. I will monitor it to see that it works properly.

    Also, for those using EasyCron this page may help also:

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