Custom Field Data Icons PRO

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  1. Carlos says:


    Is this plugin compatible with the version 3.51 Classipress?
    I try the normal version of Custom Field Data but nothing happens 🙁
    So i’m affraid if i but this plugin that nothing happens also.


    • Blaz says:

      Yes, the plugin is compatible with version 3.5.1. I’m using it on Classipress 3.5.1.
      It works from version 3.4, when a new feature was introduced from AppThemes team.

  2. Trung says:

    I’m really interested in this plugin. However, could you confirm that the plugin works for the current version of Classipress 3.5.1? Thanks.

  3. Trung says:

    There is a bug in Classipress settings.
    When the plugin is active, you cannot switch between tabs in “Classipress” Settings.
    ** The bug happens in Classipress settings, not plugin settings.
    Please fix this. Thank you.

  4. Louis says:

    I’m a your big fan. This mod is great, easy, and useful. 2 things below could make your plugin is even better.
    1/ When the icon is not selected, the custom field won’t show (bug)
    2/ Beside the icons, it should have an option for replacing those icons by a custom label for each of custom field. For example: Height: 180cm, Width: 200cm

    Thank you.

  5. tolixx3 says:

    Hello! Prompt, whether it is possible to install shortcode location?

  6. tolixx3 says:

    Insert using shortcode to display the icons in the right place ads

  7. tolixx3 says:

    Thank you very much! But, unfortunately, the shortcodes I is displayed only if you specify “AD ID”

  8. tolixx3 says:

    Thanks again for helping to solve the problem with the shortcode! Question on “Custom Field Data Icons PRO” can add 5,6 Line?

  9. tolixx3 says:

    Yes, it’s convenient! But when you need to make a lot of icons from different sides and different colors of the 4 lines is not enough. Please tell me how to add the 5.6 line?

  10. tolixx3 says:

    It’s good! Thank you very much!!!

  11. tolixx3 says:

    Cool to update the plugin 2.0.0! A large number of rows, this is exactly what we need! Thanks to the author!

  12. Andy says:

    Hi there,

    When do you think this plugin will work with classiP 4?


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