Automatically populate username and mail on a contact sidebar form

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  1. sribathi says:

    Please brother,

    In this “wp-content/themes/classipress/includes/sidebat-contact.php”

    please correct “/sidebar-contact.php” Me visitor got confused for a short while

    thanks and regards

  2. Sribathi says:

    Hi bro, regarding this post, blogspot tuto and this web tuto are not same I tried few times, not working out. You have used “class” and “name” in different place. Please can you check and advice which one to follow. But a small error somewhere I think so. Pleaseeee…

    • Blaz says:

      Sorry, for this error. The version here was apparently from some other ClassiPress version. It is corrected now. Please try it and let me know.

  3. Sri Kanth says:

    Now charming bro,

    If you don’t mind, I want your help in this page to change from “<form class" as "<form name" I did it in my and itz charming bro…

  4. Fabienne MARTIN-LEFEBVRE says:

    Hi ! I tried to use this mod on Classipress 3.6.1 but the file sidebar-contact.php is so different. Please, did you update it ? I can send you the file or let me see if it fits below.
    Thank you four your help !

    ID );

    if ( $result->get_error_code() ) {
    $error_html = ”;
    foreach ( $result->errors as $error ) {
    $error_html .= $error[0] . ”;
    $msg = array( ‘error’, $error_html );
    } else {
    $msg = array( ‘success’, __( ‘Your message has been sent!’, APP_TD ) );



    <input name="from_name" id="from_name" type="text" minlength="2" value="” class=”text required” />

    <input name="from_email" id="from_email" type="text" minlength="5" value="” class=”text required email” />

    <input name="subject" id="subject" type="text" minlength="2" value=" ” class=”text required” />

    <input name="submit" type="submit" id="submit_inquiry" class="btn_orange" value="” />

  5. Fabienne MARTIN-LEFEBVRE says:

    Thank you so much Blaz, that wonderfully works !
    Kind regards

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