Automatically populate Country field when adding ads

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  1. srbathi says:

    Do this will display the country flag along with country name? or there any other tutorial for displaying each country flag along with that countries

  2. Alex says:

    I can’t find the 2 files

  3. Alex says:

    I’ve downloaded every downloadable file in the link provided. There is nothing like ‘” in them.

  4. Yari says:

    it doesn’t work for classipress 3.4, the file step-functions.php is deprecated…
    Can you provide the method for the last version of Classipress or a link to download plugin like ACF or DMLF?
    Thanks by advance.

  5. Blaz says:

    I have checked your site and I see everything is in Russian language. But I don’t see the field for Country. If a list of countries on your site is in different language, you have change it also in geopip file. Values have to be the same.

  6. ank says:

    hi man cant access the files

    • Blaz says:

      The link was pointing to my old domain. I have corrected the link.
      Kindly give it a try.

      • Ank says:

        Hi Man Now there is one more problem the latest classipress version doesnt have the necessary code in includes/forms/step-functions.php instaed they have only this code

        * Deprecated. No longer needed.
        * @package ClassiPress
        * @author AppThemes
        * @since ClassiPress 3.0
        _deprecated_file( basename( __FILE__ ), '3.4', null, __( 'This file no longer needs to be included.', APP_TD ) );

        do u need a copy of latest template to test

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