1-Click Bump Renew

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  1. Carlos Pires says:

    I guys,
    How can i translate the file.

    • Blaz says:

      You have to make your translations in a language file.
      Go to plugin’s languages folder. There you will find dm-oca.pot file. Make a copy of it and rename it for your language using WordPress rules. Then open this new file in some text editor and translate accordingly but leave English texts like they are. When you are finished translating save the file and then you have to make a .mo file from it using some Po editor. Check Poedit.

  2. Nat says:

    Is it possible to set this plugin so ads of paid members bump automatically and free member’s ads must be manually bump?

  3. Nat says:

    Thank you Blaz!

  4. Natalia Mikhaleva says:

    Hello Blaz,
    I’ve just purchased this plugin. Very excited to start using it on my website.
    I am using Classipress 3.3 with ClassiEstate child theme Version: 1.5.2
    When I am trying to activate plugin I am receiving following message: “1-click Bump & Renew is not compatible with this version of Classipress and has been deactivated!”
    Could you help please
    Kind regards

  5. Alexander says:

    Hi Blaz,
    Thanks for a very useful plugin. I have purchase and installed it on my website and was working fine. but now I updated to classipress v 3.4 and the plugin got deactivated due to compatibility issue.

    Can you please update this plugin make this compatible to the new classipress v3.4


  6. Luke says:

    Hi, i really like this feature I have one suggestion which would make me buy it in seconds though and that is the ability to charge members for bumps?

    I.e bump back to the top for x amount. So instead of “can bump in x days” It would be bump now for £0.50, $0.50, €0.50 etc?

    • Blaz says:

      I have this feature on my to-do list.

      • Luke says:

        That’s magic =) another wee request if it’s not to hard, could you possibly make it compatible with myCRED? or even gateways like paypal etc as I already have a myCRED gateway and If you make it payable using gateways then myCRED should work as a payment option from the get go. Can’t wait for this and I will be buying it as soon as it’s implemented =)

  7. Dragan says:

    for translating, i had translated in poedit but i dont know which name to put on files, and how to activate another language except english? tnx…

    • Blaz says:

      There is a languages folder where you should put your translated files in. Files should be named like this:

      Hope it works for you.

  8. Luke Day says:

    Hi, having an issue with this plugin, it doesn’t ‘bump’ from the dashboard when clicking the arrow. You can ‘bump’ from the ad page no problem just not the dashboard. the link changes to /?aid=58&action=1clkbump but it doesn’t actually bump it as the arrow is still there and after refreshing the page there’s no change.

    I also have the payment gateway icons which don’t work at all. I have the plugin enabled but when in the payment area it just shows the default drop down, no icons?

    • Blaz says:

      Hi, by your definition of the problem I would say there is a problem with permissions when copying the files on plugin activation. Try manually copying the files from plugin folder cp_files to your classipress installation. Use the correct folder for your Classipress version.
      Which version on Classipress do you have?

      Please let me know how it goes.

      • Luke Day says:

        I just deleted both plugins and moved files into plugins folder manually but still no change.

        I’m using classipress 3.4 and paygate-1.1.0 / 1click-1.3.1

        I also used chown -R to change the permissions on the folders but nope both plugins still aren’t working.

        1click doesn’t bump from ‘My Dashboard’

        and paygate, when you use the google chrome ‘inspect element’ it shows the code for the icons, it just doesn’t actually display any icons and nothing saying there’s an error.


  9. bryan says:

    Hi, is your plugin compatible with simply responsive child theme?

    • Blaz says:

      Haven’t tried it but it should be.
      It doesn’t change any design. There is also a .css file where you could change some parameters.

      Please let me know if there will be any problems.


  10. Vlad says:


    AutoBump; what is it?

    Automatically sent to the top when the period of time (eg 1 hour) was fulfilled?

    I need:

    Instead of Days to bump ads, I need time in minutes

  11. Luke says:

    Hey, have an issue with 1click reniew. When clicking the button the link changes but it doesn’t renew, and ideas whats happened? Thanks http://stolenmx.com/dashboard/?aid=58&action=1clkrenew

    • Luke says:

      Bumping works fine, it’s just renew that doesn’t. I can 1 click bump, just can’t renew. I have my board set to not prune, so expired ads are still visible if that’s what the problem is?

      I have prune off because my community isn’t active enough yet as it’s new and if I had prune on then I wouldn’t have any ads.

      So basically does having prune off effect the 1 click renew or is there something wrong with the plugin?

  12. logvinov ivan says:

    I have not worked writes an error
    Warning: Wrong parameter count for round() in /home/borosh/public_html/bin-go.ru/wp-content/plugins/1-click-bump-and-renew/oca-dash.php on line 19

    how to fix? classipress v3.4 http://www.bin-go.ru

  13. bryan borja says:

    The icon is not showing in the dashboard when I install your v2.0.1

  14. wajira says:

    Do you have demo version?
    My Version is CP 3.4.1

  15. Artem says:

    Dear friend. I would like to purchase this plugin.
    I don’t have PayPal. I only have a VISA credit card and electronic money Qiwi.
    How can I make a purchase.
    You can get access to demo the plugin.
    Thank you

  16. Yomann says:

    Hi Blaz, Thanks for the perfect plugin. I just wanted to know if there is any option to charge user for using bump ad like a small amount. If there is can you please explain how to enable it.

  17. Yomann says:

    Sir why don’t you update this plugin with opton to charge small amount via paypal to the users. I am waiting for the update. 🙂

  18. Manuel Sarria says:

    I need to modify this plugins, to make the bump pass to payment gateway gateway, also when I select only the bump is featured all users with the same option, verify

  19. Manuel Sarria says:

    Some information, HEALP ME

  20. Manuel Sarria says:

    When I set up the notice only the highlights are active for all users, also when I put one bumps, they have several bumps

    Cuando configuro solo para avisos destacados queda activos para todos, y además cuando ponun solo salto tienen varios saltos

  21. Blaz says:

    I have already replied on your mail. Kindly check your spam folder if you haven’t received my email.

  22. Daniel Bezerra da Silva says:

    Enable more time options for auto bump. 30 minutes 0.30 and 15 minutes * / 15. Please or on the anniversary of the announcement. The same time it was activated the first time.

  23. user2616 says:

    I am looking for a feature to renew the ad automatically at regular interval for n number of of times for a price $x.

    Interval: 2 days
    Number of times: 10
    Price: $30

    Renew the ad once for every 2 days automatically for 10 times for a price $30.

    Is it possible to add the above feature in the plugin?

  24. Sandro Taricone says:

    Hi Blaz, the plugin does’nt work as I get ” the plugin has generated 5024 unexpected characters ” I’m using Windows 10, WordPress 4.9.1 and Classipress 3.6.1. Some help ? Thanks

  25. Sandro Taricone says:

    I get this error “Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, boolean given in E:\wamp\www\ilmassaggio\wp-content\plugins\1-click-bump-renew\ecpm-oca.php on line 177”. Thanks

    • Blaz says:

      This is just a warning because there are no settings yet. Seems you have enabled php warnings on your site.
      If the plugin is enabled you should save settings and this warning will disappear.

      There is a new version of plugin 2.8.1 that fixes this bug. Kindly download.

      Kind regards,

  26. isell4u says:

    Hi there, will this plugin work with Classiera Theme?

  27. user2616 says:

    We are looking for 1-click renew feature similar to 1-click expire feature.

    Enable 1-click renew [_] Select this to enable user to renew ads with 1-click
    Days until renew allowed [_] How many days the ad needs to be online to allow renew now function

    Facility to disable 1-click bump feature.

    Is it possible to add the above feature in the plugin?


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